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Artist Statement

A discourse based on skepticism, doubt, lies and knowledge.

Reality is like 'the flower in the mirror and the moon in the water', according to a Chinese proverb, which describes the emotions produced by deception. However, who or what deceives us, what is ascertained by our knowledge? 

My work questions the seemingly exclusive pairs of reality and fiction, totality and fragment, certainty and doubt, presenting them as a unit. Through a pictorial investigation carried out in photographic and audiovisual media, I intend to create a ritual language capable of expressing my doubts, feelings and contradictions regarding art, culture, reason, morality and society.

La realtà è come il fiore nello specchio e la luna nell'acqua’’, dice un proverbio cinese per descrivere le emozioni prodotte con l'inganno. Ma chi o che cosa sta cercando di ingannare noi, la nostra percezione e la nostra conoscenza?



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